Welcome to Capoeira Yokayo

Ukiah California

Capoeira is a dance, a fight and a game. Classes include stretching, strength training, aerobic work out, music, singing, training and playing of Capoeira. Capoeira Yoakayo is a small school of devoted students who work with Contramestre Maluco and Professor Carranca to play the infinite game. Join us.


Salvador Bahia, Brazil / Africa

Capoeiras origins start in Africa with the ancesters of those who were enslaved and forcably relocated to Brazil. In Brazil slaves combined many diverse African traditions and rituals to become one of the only martial arts that is practicedto music. Beginning in the 16th century it quickly became illegal. It was not until 1930's, with its legality, that those who were caught playing the game of capoeira no longer had to serve jail time or recieve the requisite lashes. With the legality the art became very popular in Brazil and since has spread across the globe.