The Ancient Voices

Written by Mestre Amunka

The ancient black melancholic voice of the
Berimbau weaves stories of betrayal and sadness
Of long Ocean journeys of despair to
Foreign beaches and jungles,
Of chains, cruelty, endless work and
Incurable fatigue.
It recalls the pungent smells in the humid heat,
The sting of the whip on dark skin
The beating of drums
The dancing among old and new Gods:
Ogum God of war,
Xango God of thunder and dance,
Exu the trickster of the crossroads.
It sings of pride, African kings, new world slaves,
Mulattoes, and white devils, of cunning heroes,
Masters of treachery and deceit
A song of dignity, perseverance, strength,
Struggle and rebellion.
A song of beauty and love.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Ie! Capoeira me chama.