What is Capoeira


Aranha asked, "What is Capoeira?"


Capoeira is beauty.
Capoeira is struggle.
Capoeira is Freedom.
Capoeira is passion.

Capoeira is movement and movement is life.
Capoeira istreachery and deceit, cunning and skill.
It is black, Brazilian, and very American.
Capoeira is the call of the Berimbau.
It is the unfolding of life's drama within the circle.
Capoeira is what we do to be in the present with a
keen sense of our aliveness.

To accept the challenge.
To face our fears.
To overcome our limitations.
To be a warrior.
We play and we dance to the edge of violence.
We sing in the face of Death.

Aranha, Capoeira is what we do.