A Message to Formados

Written and Spoken by Mestre Amunka In Berkeley Ca., October 2012

It is with great honor and pride that I address this distinguished group of Mestres, Contramestres, Formados, capoeiristas within and out side of our Roda.. Guests family and friends as well.

To my sister Mestra Suelli a special greeting and mostly to my teacher and mentor

Mestre Accordeon.

To the newly formados….. Axe.

Yes, you should be very proud of what you have achieved.

Only you know the hard work and dedication it took you to get to this moment and be recognized as a teacher, a leader and representative of UCA, and the capoeira community in general and with this comes the responsibility to conduct yourself with dignity, honor and accountability.

You are being given the privilege to teach our beautiful art form.

Be proud but not arrogant.

Be strong, play hard and skillful without hurting your partner.

Know and respect the traditions, past capoeiristas, and mestres.

Know the history of capoeira and its African roots.

Sing and play music from your heart and soul with so much Axe to make the capoeira spirits stop and listen and come to the Roda.

Always be open to learn more, capoeira is the path you chose and will always have something to teach you no matter how long you have been doing it.

Be humble as there will always be a mestre Corriso, Calango, Mago, Jamaika, Ra, Accordeon to kick your ass.

Be loyal to your school, your teacher and to the teachings of Meatre Bimba and Mestre Accordeon as this is our capoeira heritage.

In the spirit of capoeira’s history, help free yourself and others from our own slavery.

Protect the earth our mother.

Celebrate life, live to the fullest.