Contramestre Maluco

Mario Ackerberg

Contramestre Maluco began capoeira in 1992 under (at the time) instructor Amunka and Mestre Rony. he started right here in Ukiah at the redwood health club. his father took him to his first lesson in hopes of giving him something to do to keep him out of trouble. Mario Ackerberg was given his apellido or nickname within the first week for trying to do a back flip off the wall while repeatedly landing on his neck. “Maluco” means crazy which may seem obvious after that stunt. 
   Maluco went off to Albuquerque New Mexico for two years in 2001 and opened up his first capoeira school “Capoeira Pegadas”. He graduated to “professor” in 2002, a title which allows one to break away from the parent school and teach unsupervised. In 2012 Professor Maluco became Contramestre Maluco — the next rung on the ladder to becoming “Mestre” which is the highest level you can attain in capoeira.
  Contramestre Maluco is currently living and teaching in Ukiah after a 7yr stint at the United Capoeira Association headquarters in Berkeley. he is grateful that he was able to be there when his first teacher Amunka Davila received his cordoes (belt/level) of professor, contramestre, and mestre and also that the late Mestre Amunka was there to witness his own graduation to contramestre in 2012. As of 2023 Maluco and his family have moved to Minnasota.